As Gray’s lips danced over her skin, Sophia felt a chill along her spine. How long, she wondered, had it been since she last felt like that? She was the one to blame, of course, but the thought lasted barely a second. Her fingers clenched on his shirt, as if it would somehow keep him from going away. “I love you too…” muttered her, the breath slightly heavier. “You’re the one I despise the most. I was so tired of seeing your face around…”

Sophia gently pushed Gray away and stepped back. With a playful smile, she put his hat back on his head and reached out for his hand. Pulling him along, she silently invited him inside and to stay with her.

Feeling the clutch of her hands on his shirt, Gray smiled softly against her skin. The curl of her fingers pulling at the fabric, it was the feeling of being wanted. Interrupted mid-kiss upon her shoulder, his eyebrows crumpled and his smile disappeared when Sophia pushed him back. He looked down, trying to see her expression, but his eyesight was blocked as Sophia placed his hat back onto his head. He missed her playful smile, she had pulled the hat too far over his eyes.

Gray’s mind filled with worry, maybe he had gone too fast for her, or maybe she had changed her mind. Maybe this was only a goodbye kiss, and she’d say they were too different for it to ever work… He wanted to say something, but his throat was tight. It had been months since he had last kissed her. They both knew that. But what she didn’t know, what he wanted to tell her, was that all of the kisses he had wanted to give her when she had left, now made his chest hurt, his eyes sting, and his cheeks hot as they begged to reach her. If he could, he would have told her that the time in between had been too slow, and how he couldn’t help going too fast now to make up for it. But his throat was too dry to tell her anything.

Almost too afraid to see her face, he hesitated in fixing his cap. But when he felt Sophia’s small hand slip into his, his heart surged. She beckoned him over the door frame, and he quickly fixed his hat with his other hand as he entered her home. Hearing the door close, she was only a few steps in leading him to the staircase when Gray pulled her hand back to his side. His unoccupied hand curled around her waist, turning her around to face him. He stepped back, and guided her as he brought her to the door, her back against the wood. Though he hadn’t seen it, he matched her playful smile from moments before with one of his own before pulling off his hat and lifting her chin. He parted her lips, sliding his tongue into her mouth to tangle them together. He kissed her deeper, angling his head to the side from time to time. The minutes passed by, but the passion behind the kisses did not diminish. Gray held onto his cap with only two fingers, his hands squeezing at her hips, pressing her to the door. Finally breaking the kiss, his breath heavier, the golden haired boy put the hat on her head.

"Here,” He said. "Carry this for me." Then, sweeping Sophia off of her feet, he held her close to his chest and walked over to the stairs. She was still light as she used to be, and he had no problem carrying her up the stairs and to her room. He had wanted to kiss her like that for a long while now, but he also really wanted to go all the way for a long time too.

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((OOC: Sorry it’s a little blurry, but if you haven’t been reading “A Dreamland Reunion”, the rp between Gray and Sophia, this is an exaggerated recap. o u o)/ ))

((OOC: Sorry it’s a little blurry, but if you haven’t been reading “A Dreamland Reunion”, the rp between Gray and Sophia, this is an exaggerated recap. o u o)/ ))

Ever put it in Sophia's butt?


Ready for the sex, pretty boy?

…  /starts searching pockets/ Condoms, condoms…

Just. Kidding. - A - gtfo.

((on the inside: KSLAKshfalKsfhlasvlAKsfilausv9oAvfoUsvpoVHscAsgOsvuicisvcgIucvhOv .////////// A /////////.))


Sophia couldn’t help but smile. She was overwhelmed with happiness and nothing else was importamt at that moment. For only a brief moment, she wondered that a nightdress wasn’t the appropriate cloth for that moment, but that thought soon vanished away. Gray was there, in front of her, and that was all that mattered. She tightly embraced him, resting her head over is shoulder. “I

will.” she muttered. “I’m sorry, darling.”

With his kiss, Sophia’s heart was about to explode. She’d almost forgot how good was it to have his lips over hers. She caressed his cheeks, whipping his tears away, and tried to bring him closer to her, but something got in the way. It was the brim of his hat stucking on her forehead. Without a second thought, Sophia pulled it off and allowed herself to bring her boyfriend closer to her.

Her small frame holding him back again reminded Gray of all the times she had done so in the past, and he couldn’t stop the next surge of tears from pushing up. It was dumb, but it had been so long since he had heard her voice, it sounded unbelievably perfect, so sweet and lovely. And with those lips, Sophia even honestly apologized, there wasn’t a way he couldn’t forgive her. Gray couldn’t remember, since when was this odd little girl everything to him?

Though she wiped at the tears, he couldn’t stop more from rolling down right over her fingers. Gray felt his hat being pushed away from his brow. Instinctively, his body told him to catch it, to stop it and pull it back down from the wind, or from the pesky people, or - Gray ignored this completely, letting his lover remove his hat. Without his hat potentially in the way, Gray properly kissed the shorter girl. Breaking the kiss to breath, he spoke softly. “I missed you, Soph…” Sliding a hand to push back her bangs, he kissed her ear, gently. “but I love you…” He trailed kisses from her ear down her jaw to her neck. “…So much…”

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Claire rolled her eyes. “True. If I even tried to hit on someone, anyways, Ann and Karen would be up my ass about it. And I’m not going to bring in some random-ass guy just so I can shag him in my own goddamned house.” She had to bite her cheek to keep from going on a rant. The last thing she needed was to curse up a storm at Gray. 

She raised an eyebrow at Gray’s flustered motions when he got out his book. Her curiosity was piqued, of course, and she leaned over the counter to look at whatever he hid, ignoring his motion to pay up. “What’re you hiding from me, Gray? Love letters~? Or are you drawing porn?” She laughed and reached out to try and grab the papers. “Real friends don’t keep secrets~!”

Gray nodded. “Right. This town is so damn nosy, I swear…” It was a miracle his own relationship wasn’t smeared all across the town’s bulletin board.

Blushing only harder when Claire leaned over the counter, Gray scrambled at the papers to keep them away from her, but without much success. Dammit, why couldn’t she just have put down the coins and walked out. “No! Why would I write a l-Oh my goddess Claire, it’s not porn!!” Realizing he had gotten pretty loud at the end there, he cussed under his breath and pulled down his hat. His face on fire, he hoped no one else had heard that. Releasing his hands from the papers, he gave up the papers to the farmer. “Seriously, they say I have a dirty mind, but if they only knew you were such a demon. I am at work, you know.”


The sound of the knocking door made Sophia jump on her way to the bedroom. Was her father waiting for someone? Evelyn, maybe?

No, of course not. It was too late for visits, she was the one to tell. With a nightdress on and her hair down, Sophia was only having a last glass of water before going to bed. Therefore, who would be there in such a time?

Was it a thief? Well, Sophia’d never heard about thieves knocking the door before robbing the house. Was someone in trouble then?

Curious, Sophia walked down the stairs and opened the door.

At first, everything froze. The time froze, her mind froze, her heat froze… Everything, everything.

She couldn’t believe it, but, at the same time, she didn’t want it to be an illusion. Slowly and hesitantly, Sophia raised her hand and caressed his cheek. Yeah… It wasn’t a dream, he really was there, in front of her. Does it mean he wasn’t upset with her at all?

Breathless, everything Sophia could say, really lowly, was his name. “Gray..?”

At her touch, Gray felt the sting of tears, his vision getting blurry. He didn’t even try to hide them. She was really standing in front of him. She had come back.

When he had imagined her coming back, he had always pictured her wearing her usual dress, with her bow holding back her bangs and her umbrella in her hands. But this was a thousand times better. Her unstyled hair fell around her shoulders and framed her face so softly, it was adorable, and the way the nightdress crumpled above her hips made her look almost vulnerable. She was beautiful, and the moment she had opened the door and looked into his eyes seemed to have frozen to a stop. 

Responding to his name, his arms found her waist and pulled her close. Hugging her tightly while the tears fell down his face, the slightest tremor over his lips compelled him to speak. "Sophia…" He whispered, nuzzling into her neck while he clung to her. "Don’t you ever leave me again.” Overwhelmed by too many emotions to say anything else, he needed to see her face again. There hadn’t been a day he hadn’t thought about her and how much he wanted to see her, to kiss her her lips again and feel her smaller hands hold his own gently. Pulling his face out of where he had nuzzled into her neck, he only had to look at her expression for a moment before leaning down to kiss her.

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((So, me and Gray-mun were talking about Gray's playlist on Skype
Sophia-mun: "Mighty Little Man"
Sophia-mun: I wonder
Sophia-mun: What "little man" it is
Gray-mun: GET OUTTT
Gray-mun: ;;;
Sophia-mun: Pffff okay okay, sorry~
Sophia-mun: ..... "The book of love"
Gray-mun: Yeah, it's a really cute song.
Sophia-mun: KamaSutra
Gray-mun: ....GDI
Gray-mun: SOPHIA
Gray-mun: ICAN"T
Sophia-mun: OMG IM SORRY
Sophia-mun: ITS JUST


Sophia froze at her place when Gray started to move. Was he awake all the time or did she wake him up? Either way, that was no good, no good! She wasn’t ready yet!

But there he was, staring at her with tired and sleepy eyes. And she stood there, with no idea of what to do nor to say. ‘Stare won’t make things better’ she thought nervously ‘I should say something, something!’. “G-Good by-“

But he turned his back to her. Before Sophia even had the chance to greet him, Gray simply went back to sleep, as if she wasn’t there. Was he ignoring her? She couldn’t blame him for that, but it didn’t mean she wasn’t hurt by that.

"Yeah…. I knew you were happy with me.” She muttered, wondering if he was able to hear her. Probably not. Sophia waited for some reaction from him before talking again. “I just… I’m really sick and tired of your face, you know.”

She waited for something from Gray. A movement, an answer, a snore, anything. But all she had from him was… Nothing. That was pretty disappointing, but there was not a thing she could really do about it. Well, nothing she felt ready for. Taking a last look at her boyfriend, Sophia closed the bedroom’s door and decided it would be better if she went back home.

He slept for a while longer, though it was a restless sleep. Gray kept waking up, but he only saw that illusion of Sophia once. Feeling like he couldn’t fall back asleep, he looked over to the window. It was getting a little late, he could probably catch a round of drinks or two and then slip back into sleep. He’d be feeling better later, just right now… he was feeling pretty down. Getting up, he pulled on his uniform, but was too lazy to put it on all the way, tying his sleeves around his waist and putting on his cap before heading downstairs to the bar.

When he got down there, Ann and Cliff were looking at him. “Hey, Gray. Your visitor wasn’t here long. What’s up with that?” Ann asked, her hands on her hands and her face questioning. “Huh? Visitor?” Gray’s eyes widened, the sleepiness quickly vanishing. “Who?? I was sleeping…” Gray’s confusion cleared when Cliff helpfully spoke up, straightening up from the counter. “Ah, she had purple hair…” Gray didn’t stay a second longer. He ran out of the Inn. “What the heck?” Ann said. “It’s not like he’s gonna catch her, she left ages ago!” Cliff shook his head, just as bemused. “I don’t know, but Gray looked really surprised, right? I wonder who she was…”

Gray ran with one word in his mind. Sophia. Sophia. Sophia. She had gone to see him? He wanted to say his dream illusion had been only a premonition, but he knew it wasn’t. Sophia had been there. Gray ran faster, his breath becoming heavier as he ran down the path. The way to her house was a long one, but he ignored his burning chest and heavy feet. Of course, his body wasn’t used to this, so he did end up slowing down, but he didn’t want to. When he finally got to Sophia’s town, Gray tried to clear his mind. What should he say? Would she be here? What if Sophia didn’t want to talk to him? Thinking about it only went downhill. The blacksmith shook his head and ran to her house, still breathing heavily. Biting his lip nervously, he only hesitated a moment before knocking on her door, without any organized thoughts whatsoever. He just needed to see her again.

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